Holiday Schedule

Q. What time does my trash need to be out?

    A. Trash need to be out the night before or by 3:00am.

Q. How do Holidays affect my pickup?

    A. We will always pick up either on your regular schedule or one day later. Please feel free to contact out office or view our holiday schedule here.

Q. Can I put out bulk items?

    A. Yes, Please contact our office one day prior to your pickup day. There will be an extra charge for these items.

Q. Do you pick up appliances?

    A. Yes, you must contact our office to schedule this and there is an extra charge for these items. If the appliance has freon, it must be removed and tagged by a licensed technician.

Q. What happens if I miss my pickup day?

    A. Contact our office. If we have a truck in the area we can return for a special trip fee. Otherwise we will take the extra next week at no extra charge.

Q. Can I put my Sunburst bag in a can?

    A. No. The logo must be visible to our truck.

Q. If I am on the Sunburst bag service, can I put out extra items with my bags?

    A. You can only put out extra items if you contact our office ahead of time to prepay for the extra items, as the bag service is a prepaid service.

Q. How do I get the Sunburst bags?

    A. Please contact our office. We can either mail them to you, or you may come pick them up.

Q. What happens if animals get into my Sunburst bags?

    A. Our drivers will clean up as much as they can, but if it continues to happen please contact our office for other options.

Q. What are my options for paying my bill?

    A. You may pay by cash, check, or money order . We also accept all major credit cards either in our office or by phone.

Q. Can drivers come into the house to pick up big or bulky items?

    A. No. Our drivers are not permitted to enter any buildings. All bulk items must be curbside.

We accept all major credit cards

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